Falcon Series capture only. Some cards with additional multiplexing of inputs or other additional. I then tried dscaler and that would not work either. Note that even cards with same model numbers have depending on the revision. Still, you DON’t need them if you’ll use dscaler you don’t need any drivers installed at all, because dscaler uses it’s own. I’ll see tonight when I get home what the settings could be.

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C” printed on the PCB. JW – TV M. I now run XP so the card would not work.

Download Maxron TV Tuner/Capture Card – MajorGeeks

Model got re – usedsome model no. Search for and download the “btwincap” drivers. I get a picture but no sound.

M – U Mediafocus II saaSat. I rfv.3f found drivers and application software to make it work but I cannot identify the card type or the tuner in order to use dscaler. Any help greatly appreciated. I2C address 0xa0 24LC02B also responds to 0xa2 – 0xaf.

New Drivers  DRIVER: ATI RADEON HD 3650

If you can’t figure it out by yourself, I can set it up and tell you what to do exactly.

I figured if I could identify the tuner I might be lucky and get sound. Buz zrzrsaasaa Really eev.3f your help. Tue Feb 22, I tried that but the wdm video capture driver would not load.

I have checked the audio setup.

Or, you can try different audio sources, find them in the dscaler menus. I searched the internet using some of ref.3f numbers on labels on the card.

Cable – Surfer 2. All 3 select the same tuner philips pal-i so a guess that is right.

Winbond WAS – Flyvideo S was probably sold as Flyvideo in some contries Europe? KW – Zoran capture only. I could stop there but Reading the dscaler info I thought I could get a better quality picture using dscaler so tried to load it. Though educated googling found: I don’t think this is correct because there is no FM input to the card. Please refer to my post there for further reference since I hate retyping over and over Anyway, just trying to make certain I can truly get DScaler installed and working right through some help here, before another attempt at another software install, driver uninstall, pull the card out, reboot and start over ROUTINE!!!


Prolink PV-BT878TV rev. 3F Free Driver Download

Intervision IV – bt8x8. I could not identify the tuner or card manufacturer so opted for unknown card unknown tuner. But first, try it on your own.

All times are GMT – 8 Hours. Tue Aug 24, These cards are sold by many OEMs too.