I was quite satisfied with it. Display posts from previous: I spent a couple hours last weekend on my home computer, trying to get ISE 7. Feb 05, Posts: If that works well I might use those for future projects instead. Sep 20, Posts:

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I was looking for a quick solution. View unread posts View new posts in the last week Mark the topic unread:: The “driver” code I mentioned is also available at the above link. The Xilinx tools run equally well on both Windows and Linux. One nice thing about this is that spartah are lots of dev boards made by Digilent that have the 6 pin “Digilent port” into which this plugs.

If I tell it not to check the device id it fails on the bulk erase. Hi, You can use picoblaze to program the SPI flash. Hi ScottG, That’s perfect, thanks! As I noted in my last post, this is a rather generic thing.

Installing the Spartan 3A evaluation kit mini-port – Milkymist Wiki

Contact Contact the author Philip Schulz by Email. Looks like Eric’s page has moved There’s a download link for the most recent version of the spartsn on the Avnet homepage, but unfortunately, I was unable to get the tool’s recent versions to work with my board.


Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva. The reason for purchasing the Avnet board is that it was much cheaper then doing my own board and I thought it would be much quicker. aavnet

Display posts from previous: Oh, and the download links to their tools registration required. Dedicated to experimental electro-acoustic and electronic music. The sub-projects that work are described and documented on the pages linked below:. Nov 20, Posts: I found it rather easy to move the code to a Spartan-3A DSP – in fact, the code itself was used as is, I needed only configure an appropriate clock for it.

Along with the FPGA, there is. The extra time it takes for that routing causes garbage to appear in the echoes due to data errors. West Red Spot, Jupiter Audio sprtan Hi ScottG, This is very interesting!

There is lots of information on the synthesis tools as well as on the FPGAs themselves on their homepage. When I try to pick up where I left, I always have trouble remembering what I had done so far and how things work. 3


It was functional as is and needed only minor tweaking to allow using the full spattan of clocks and sample rates allowed. Since then I have been working on the software that runs on Windows which communicates with Avnet board.

In the case of PolyDaWG, additional rework was required. I’ve got the impression that this tool is somewhat slower than the Windows equivalent.

For that to work properly on Linux, I found this site to contain highly useful information. A while back, on the Synth-DIY list, Eric mentioned these boards as a little group distribution project.

Avnet Spartan 3A Evaluation bottom

This program doesn’t work, or I am doing something wrong. I got things working by having someone else generate the Hex file for me in ISE 7. Feb 05, Posts: I finally found Eric’s page Avneet can be irritating on this.