You can save labels as files in folders to this external memory, then open them and edit or print them, and save them again. Loss of communication window Displays if communication between the attached printer and PC is lost. The values in the fields on the Properties screen reflect the current properties of the object selected. With the Monocolor system, you can change the color of an object from the print color to the background color, and vice-versa. You store them as files, and you organize the files in file groups. Code User Action Replace ribbon. Install ribbon with valid memory cell.

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The Upgrade Printer Files button will be available but not functional until there is a new product release.

Brady Globalmark 2 – Multicolour Printer, DISCONTINUED, replaced by the BBP35

For bar code objects, the only valid values are 0 and 90 degrees. Installing a ribbon cartridge Figure Page want to keep. QuickText, for creating text-only labels quickly and easily.

The system automatically creates the text object when you type the text. To restore default calibration settings 1. Some templates, particularly those in the Pipe Marker and Right-to-Know applications, contain instructions telling them to override preferences you may try to set.

Brady Globalmark 2 – Multicolour Printer, DISCONTINUED, replaced by the BBP35

When a ribbon cartridge has been stored outside the printer, before installing it, you should first advance the ribbon approximately 2 inches or millimeters counterclockwise, as shown in Figure Lets you choose color for the selected object or change the default btady the system uses for brady globalmark 2 printer new objects.


Removing The Stylus Holder Removing the Stylus Holder Follow these instructions to remove brady globalmark 2 printer stylus for adjusting, cleaning, or replacing. Accessing template files You can access template files you created, or that you or someone in your organization has downloaded to your system, through My Templates.

Choose an AC power cord and plug that is suitable brad the country in which the equipment is to be installed.

The value entered must be less than the maximum printable width appropriate for the installed tape, because unlike the default width, this value indicates the total output width, with no margins applied. Use caution when calibrating your plotter cutter.

Saving Labels as Files Every time you create a Custom label or a pre-designed template label, you have the option brady globalmark 2 printer save it as a file and to put it in a file group, so you can access it later.

GlobalMark 2 User Guide – English – Brady Europe

This option is applicable only if the template is scalable. Changing label size and orientation Use the options on the Size tab, shown in Figureto change the size of a label and to set print orientation.: You connect your keyboard and your mouse, if you have one, and then the power cord, to begin setting up your system. The color boxes show the continuous color ribbons available including brady globalmark 2 printer currently installed ribbon.

This feature differs for North American and European standards. Make your changes, and brady globalmark 2 printer OK. The Standard Keyboard The standard keyboard The standard PC keyboard provided with your system is divided into four sections for purposes of description in this manual: Page Use the brady globalmark 2 printer on the Sequence screen to define a Sequence variable text object or variable bar code object for your labels.


Closes the screen without saving your entries. Table 1 on page A-2 lists special characters you can insert when using these fonts: Scaling is always proportional, which means that it changes the width and height of the object at the exact same rate of change.

Restoring Default Cutter Calibration Brady globalmark 2 printer Restoring default cutter btady settings To restore factory set calibration settings, you must re-enter the original values on the Prinetr tab. Repeat the process for as many labels as you need in the set.

As you select a font, a preview displays in the Font Preview box. The object that varies with each group of labels is called a variable text object.

The Frame tab options are: In the Editor window and in text entry fields, use to move selected objects one character space at a time in the direction indicated by the arrow, or brady globalmark 2 printer with Shift held down to move selected objects at a greater increment.

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Tape Color In summary, your system brady globalmark 2 printer the installed ribbon together determine what kind of color you can apply to objects when composing a label: Setting options on the Font tab Use the Font tab to change the font options for the selected text object.