Installing software to your system or changing system files can damage your machine, disturb your workflow and waste your time. This will be explained in the next chapter. In the example above the driver is loaded into high memory by using the command ” LH “. Clean up If everything works: But it is more than that. NetWare also enabled the clients to use printers connected to the server.

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Please read this document carefully to learn more about the problem and to prevent rcp damage to your real computer. The first chapter is about the history of DOS networking, which mostly happened in the years to So to be able to run them, we need to install the appropriate drivers first. ZIP and extract it.

Copy the two files EMM Because NetWare was a popular system during the eighties and nineties of the last century, there is quite a good chance that the manufacturer of your network card included such an ODI driver. Now, lets edit our main configuration file NET.

New Drivers  E620 HUAWEI DRIVER

Install FreeDOS 1.2 with MS Client 3.0

The last thing left to do now is to load the drivers at boot. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

For non-commercial users evaluation is allowed for “a reasonable period” of time.

In August the introduction and positive reception of “Windows 95” put an end to DOS networking activities. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

It can be downloaded from driverguide as “SystemSoft Version 3. A comparison of their features can be found here. Its function is still a mystery to me. This can be done.

Networking FreeDOS complete – FreeDOS

Read more about it at Wikipedia. This will be explained in the next chapter. Microsoft was also busy working on the applications that should become the corner stones of its success: As already explained, this should be the hexadecimal value 0x60 per default. DOSDan Lanciani.

Some hints about the differences can be found here. In fact, they were used for this since they were invented. This text was originally created by Ulrich Hansen. This left a time frame for others.


I have only been able to try, install and document the programs mentioned here, because many other people were willing to share information and code on the internet. So there’s still something to do, something to find out. We have to copy the other drivers to C: The mechanism is known to Windows users as “Windows share”, “network neighbourhood” or “Workgroup”. Apart from that it can be considered a good thing that Microsoft still allows to legally download and use this software.

Minuet provided a mouse driven graphical interface that integrated client applications as E-mail, Gopher, telnet, Usenet News, a web browser and FTP. This era ended when Microsoft introduced Windows Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Startup The bootmenu options are: This page was last modified on 16 Marchat