For the Battery Eater Reader’s Test , we select the lowest display brightness and put the notebook in airplane mode. The other components are only accessible if the notebook is disassembled further. There is enough room on the left side for an external mouse. System starts and restarts happen quickly, but opening programs requires more patience at times. The display brightness is adequate, but reflections hamper the usability in brightly lit environments and outside.

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Pressing down in the middle of the speaker bar is accompanied by creaking sounds.

toshiba satellite c855 2gj The dual-core Intel processor operates at 2gk performance even when under full load – and the benchmark scores show it. Unlike the predecessor, the lid is completely smooth, since the pattern is printed on and not an actual texture.

Review Toshiba Satellite C855-2J4 Notebook

The surface of the touchpad is textured. Maintenance The battery is very easy to remove.

The port selection leaves much to be desired: Dead Space 3 The buttons don’t have a lot of travel, but their feedback is adequate. Under loadwe recorded levels above 40 dB Awhich can be toshiba satellite c855 2gj obtrusive.

This shouldn’t be a major issue for most toshkba, though. Rome II 43 35 27 7 fps. Overall, the display emphasizes the blue spectrum and suffers from a bluish cast.


Our tests show that the notebook will last about 3. Toshiba Satellite C Refine Results. The hinges are reasonably stiff The Toshiba Satellite LUfor example, comes with the same processor but only manages 2.

RAM & SSD Upgrades | Toshiba Satellite CGJ |

Under load, we measured a maximum power draw of Desktop performance for Windows Aero. The display maintains the brightness setting even when the notebook toshiba satellite c855 2gj running on battery power.

Satllite hinges are stiff, but can’t completely prevent the display from bouncing. Saints Row IV The edges of the touchpad are not easy to feelwhich is actually an advantage for Windows 8 swipe gestures.

Toshiba Satellite C855

The international “carry-in” warranty also includes pickup-and-return service within certain countries. AMD Enduro, which normally allows switching between the cards, is also disabled.

The display panel of the C cannot display the professional color spaces: The touchpad and the buttons are lightly textured and fingers glide easily across the surface.

When we used a colorimeter to check the display, we saw clear deviations as far as the gray levels and the colors blue and cyan were concerned. The display lid also flexesalthough pressing on the back does not adversely affect the picture on the screen. Since the display is highly reflectivethe notebook is not really toshiba satellite c855 2gj for brightly-lit environments and direct sunlight. Toshiba uses one of their own hard drives – in this case toshiba satellite c855 2gj 1 TB model.


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Ended up in the IT sector in the 90s more or less accidentally and have remained in the industry as a sysadmin ever since. AC adapter is NOT included. For those reasons, we don’t think that the keyboard is suitable for touch typists.

Less toshiba satellite c855 2gj games like FIFA 13 can be played on high, but the demanding BioShock Infinite c55 the settings to be reduced to avoid stutters. For that price, the user can expect higher performance and the system delivers – although it appears to us that Toshiba did try to save money in the wrong places.